Spring Swapping!

Spring was definitely in the air Saturday at our April swap. The sun was bright, the breeze was strong, and both new and veteran swappers showed up with beautiful edibles and handmade items to celebrate the season!
The food swapping selection included seasonal delights such as marinated carrots, raw cultured tarragon shallot butter, orange-calendula biscuits, rosemary-mint jelly, and all types of strawberry jam. Also up for trade: flourless peanut butter cookies, radish kraut, gluten-free museli, sweet & spicy ketchup, marinated olives, candied jalapenos, sundried tomato tarts, home-brewed jun, backyard eggs, homegrown collards and rainbow chard, lots of herbs, white grapefruit, and so much more! A selection of seasonings were available too, including vanilla-thyme salt, thyme sugar, and pesto popcorn seasoning.
Fitting for spring, plants and flowers were prevalent. Among the selection were watermelon and cantaloupe starts, sugar cane stalks, fig tree cuttings, wildflower and herb bouquets, fresh lavender, and many potted plants including aloe, rosemary, mint, and Okinawa spinach.  
Non-edible swappables ranged from worm casting tea and all natural insect repellent, to wool dryer balls and homemade laundry detergent starter kits. Beautiful, bright handmade crafts went quick: original photography note cards, feed bag totes, beaded jewelry, hand painted wooden egg sets, darling headbands, paper and fabric flowers, water color pages... Body products were popular too with lip butters, salves, both sugar and salt based body scrubs, lotions, and bath fizz cakes exchanged.
It was a perfect handmade, homegrown start to spring! Thank you swappers... see you in June (date and location to be announced).

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