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Celebrating Homemade Foods & Crafts

                                 ...and Homegrown Community

Image courtesy of Blonde Cow Photography.
In the summer of 2011, Elizabeth Sniegocki and Cheryl Kindred - members of a Sarasota conscious parenting community - joined forces to bring their tribe together in a celebration of handmade and homegrown food. They researched the burgeoning food swapping trend, organized an inaugural food swap event... and the Sarasota Swappers was born. A few months later, handmade crafts were added to the popular swap gatherings. And today, the Sarasota Swappers community has expanded to include food lovers, gardeners, homesteaders, home cooks and crafters from all over the west coast of Florida. The group holds a food and craft swap every other month at varying locations, for up to 30 participants. Swap items must be handmade, homegrown, or hand foraged, and are swapped at a one-for-one value. Eco-friendly and reusable packaging is encouraged.

Anyone can join the Sarasota Swappers!

If you like to make it, grow it, can it, cook it, forage it, bake it, craft it, sew it, knit it... we want you to come swap it!

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